Made It To Cape Town!


We wanted to let you know that the three of us made it safely to Cape Town, South Africa on Wednesday, January 16th. We had so much grace and favor as we traveled. From having nine bags and only paying for one, to our home church in Omaha paying for a hotel room during our layover in Munich. The flights were long, but Lindsay only got sick once and made it through!

Upfront moving costs can be big and ours are no different. Thank you to everyone who has given financially to help cover our visas, plane tickets, luggage fees, hotel costs, etc. We are so blessed by the love and generosity of others. We pray it returns to each of you double.

Our whole community is back together; twelve adults, three kids 2-years-old and under, and three babies in bellies. It feels great to be back together and be able to fully move forward with everyone.

The first few days have been stretching as we work through jet lag, culture shock and the reality that this is it, there is no turning back now! Any transition period will have its challenges and ours is no different. Not knowing anything, while needing to set up a new life, can be difficult. If you think about us, please pray as we make this life changing transition. Starting Monday, we will begin the task of searching for permanent housing. Kevin and I are looking for a two bedroom home in the Muizenberg area of Cape Town. We hope to find something under $650/month. We hope to find something soon, so we can be moved in before Baby G comes.

We are currently staying in a guesthouse on the Noordhoek side of Cape Town. It is a great place to land and transition, but it's very much a temporary housing situation.

We are so excited to be here! We explored our new home on Saturday, as well as had dinner with some friends from Omaha that live here. Familiar faces [for Lindsay at least] have been encouraging.

Things to be praying about:
1 Our hearts as we transition. When things are new and expectations might be disappointed, its easy to get discouraged. Please pray for our hearts to look to Jesus always and not our circumstances.
2. It looks like some ministry opportunities might be popping up for Kevin already. We both are people who want to dive in to the work the Lord has us here for. But we also understand that long term living and serving in a country looks very different than short term. Please pray for grace and patience as we listen and move when the Lord speaks.
3. Complete financial provision. We believe the Lord is about to bring breakthrough in this area for us. We do not want to live out of fear or even focus on this as we step fully into ministry here in South Africa. We are currently sitting at 50% of our monthly sustainable living goal.
4. That we find a doctor/midwife that we love and feel comfortable with. Also we don't have insurance, no one will take Lindsay being she is pregnant. Please pray for the finances to come in for our new addition.
5. Housing. Please pray we find the right housing and can find furniture [at least a bed] to begin the task of setting up a home for our soon to be family of three.

Once again, thank you for the support we've received from family and friends from all over. Your prayers, advice, gifts and financial support are encouraging. It reminds us that we are doing what the Lord has called us to. To serve and disciple the beautiful people of this nation.

We will give you more details as we begin to figure out our new lives in our new home. Thank you for caring and being invested in our lives.

Kevin + Lindsay + Baby G