A Small Note to Our Little One

Dear little one,

On Tuesday, Mommy and daddy said their last good-bye to Kona, Hawaii and flew to the Midwest for Christmas.

Mommy did not fair very well on the flights. In fact, after the Kona to LA flight she told daddy that the family would need to come to LA if they wanted to see her because she was not getting on another plane. Mommy was so uncomfortable and was in a lot of pain.

But with daddy's help, mommy got onto the second flight. Just in time too, because she had to make a mad dash to the toilet to throw up. Once that happened, mommy began to slowly feel better.

It took three flights and 15 hours to get us to Kansas City, but we made it!

Your daddy was so sweet to mommy. He gave her the aisle seat while he selflessly took the "horrible" middle seat, carried all the heavy carry on bags, asked the stewardess for ginger ale after I threw up, and treated me sweetly the whole way. I am a blessed woman.

We are so excited to go through this Holiday season with you in my belly. You make us so happy little one. Daddy continues to put his hands on my belly in hopes that you will kick again for us. But it's still a bit early so we will be patient.

Oh! Mommy just got some maternity jeans. This is a big moment for her. She LOVES them. no more hair tie holding her uncomfortable jeans up. She feels so comfy and not fat in her new maternity jeans. This might not seem like a big deal... but oh baby is it ever! Mommy says grow as much as you want now!

We love you.
We cannot wait to meet you.
I [mommy] wants to cry every time I think about the moment I get to hold you for the first time.
Wow, baby, you are so stinkin' special.

I've been praying about you and who you will be. No matter what we name you, I believe you will be a light to this world. I've been reading the book of John a lot these last two years and it's all about Jesus being a light to the world. How light wins over darkness. How darkness cannot win, when light is around. In Chapter 8, Jesus said He is the light of the world, and in Chapter 9 He heals a man born blind. The Lord was speaking to me how much we carry light with us when we know Jesus. Light and life baby. That is what I believe you will bring to this world. Light and life. May it be.

Love you little one.
Love mommy.