Meet Our Community Plant

While I talk a lot about the community in which Kevin and I are moving to Cape Town, South Africa with, I've never properly introduced them. Thanks Cami for the idea and help with some of the introductions.

Without further ado:

Steve and Diane Schallert, and baby Margot: They are the visionary leaders of the team, and the ones who carry the passion for South Africa. They believe in the redemptive power of the gospel that brings restoration to the lost and broken. They have been dear friends since 2009, and Diane + Margot flew out to our wedding. They are expecting a baby in late May, only a week after us! Check out their Web site.

Cambria Finzel and Max Melchert: Cambria is my little sister from the photogenX track. She started dating Max just a month ago, but led a Comm Trans DTS outreach to Cambodia together last year. Cambria is creative, insightful, wise, and a good listener. Max is a man of the word and seeker of truth. He is pursuing Cambria with his whole heart and it is beautiful to watch their relationship evolve. Check out Cambria's Web site here.

Jase Beard: Jase is a dear friend, and a sweet asset to have in our crew. He has a heart for New York City, and wants to one day plant a community there. He loves music, and is very fashionable. His heart is deep and his manner kind. I'm so grateful he is coming with us. Check out Jase's Web site.

Clint Gooch: Clint is a dear friend who has been with YWAM for a few years and is currently co-leading the DTS Kevin and I are a part of. He is gifted in leadership, and has a passion to serve in the nations. He recently started dating Haley. Check out Clint's Web site.

Haley Austin: Haley is very creative, wise and loves to serve. She is amazing with people, and has given her life to the cause of making Jesus known on the earth. Check out Haley's Web site.

Mika McClurkin: Mika sings like an angel, has a contagious laugh and is the life of the group. She is full of joy and life! Mika is currently in Washington D.C. praying for America.

Tiff, Davidson, Selah and Samson Brooks: We've only just met this family, but believe they are just an amazing fit to our crew. They have been living in community on Oahu for several years. This family listens to the Lord and obeys! Because my doctor does not want me to ride, Davidson is taking my place Saturday in our Bike-a-thon. We are so excited to do life together with this family!


  1. Thank you for introducing us to your family! We look forward to hearing more as the days go by! So glad you have a fill-in bike rider, Lindsay! Love you guys!


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