South Africa Preparations

 I wanted to keep you in the loop as to our preparations for South Africa.

Currently, we are working on our three year Charity Visas.

It takes time, effort and money to apply.

Requirements for ZA Visa:
- Valid passport with at least two unused blank pages.
- Two passport photos with white or light background.
- Two one way tickets. Right now the price is about $1,000 each, which is the lowest we've see, but even then we don't have the funds to purchase them yet.
- Medical Report [physical]. Not sure what this will cost yet.
- TB test. $25 each.
- Police clearance certificate [criminal background check] $25 each.
- Non-refundable fee of $72 each for processing.
- Letter of invitation from the host Organization in South Africa stating purpose.

I wish!

Household Items
Originally Kevin and I planned to purchase everything when we arrived in Cape Town. Seemed like the most logical option since we do not have any household items here in the states with us. Plus we thought we'd save money on luggage and shipping.

However, after talking with some friends that lived in Cape Town and recently moved to Kona after they married [we are trading places if you will] we are rethinking everything. They informed us that the quality of household items there are very low and expensive, and encouraged us to pack as much kitchen items as possible in our luggage [there isn't an IKEA in South Africa... Sigh.] And yet, another set of friends warned us to be careful how we pack, as we might be charged an arm and a leg if we arrive at the South African customs with loads of new kitchenware.

Unfortunately, we used most of our wedding money on hospital bills.
We were counting on buying kitchenware in South Africa where we thought it would be cheaper [but it's not we are told].
And so we are now looking at furnishing our kitchen here in the states, and somehow, very carefully and strategically, packing and sending it all.

This process shall be interesting!

Some mornings one of us reminds the other that we are pregnant and going to have a baby. We are completely 100% excited, but I think all of the change at once sometimes feels crazy!

Married in early May.
Hospitalized just a few days after.
Flew to mainland to visit with family, friends and supporters for 2.5 months.
Found out we are pregnant four weeks in.
Moving our family and ministry 1/2 across the world in January.
I can't believe baby will be born in Cape Town!

The Lord is faithful. And like a dear friend recently posted on her blog, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Even if nothing about our lives is the same.


So baby.
We need baby stuff.
I don't even know what that means.
But we need it.
Car seat.
Other stuff.
I don't even know what is needed. But I know there is stuff needed.

We will fly over when baby is about 5 months old.
This is nice because it gives me some time to visit with doctors here in the states as well as gives me time to kind of get settled in South Africa before baby comes.

I've been using this weekly baby app. It tells you what is happening in side my belly. I never took a sex ed class in school so honestly the details of each week are really interesting and new to me. I can't believe a baby actually is developing inside of me. It's beautiful and humbling and miraculous all at once.

We love you baby!