Ride For South Africa - Meet Our Riders: Jo Mueller

Kevin and I have a few friends who are riding in our Bike-A-Thon because they believe in the call God has placed on our family, and love the people of Cape Town, South Africa.

We are so honored to have them join us, and help raise the funds we need to move our family and ministry to Cape Town.

Meet Jo Mueller.
Goal: 60 miles

"Aloha, I am Jo Mueller.

Over the summer this year I discovered that riding a road bike is a lot of fun!

I love people and enjoy the rides with others along the Hawaiian coast. I want to join Kevin & Lindsay on their bike-a-thon because I want to see them successfully moving to South Africa with all the finances that they need, so that they can help others in need.

Please pledge the amount you like. Start with 25 cents or 50 cents a mile. J

I can’t wait to sweat for others in the sun. Every mile will make it so much more worth it and way more fun!"

Check out our web site: bike.create-peace.org/