Ride for South Africa BIKE-A-THON


As many of you know, in January, Kevin and I will help plant a long term community in Cape Town, South Africa. Our intention is to simply share the genuine love that the Gospel offers through discipleship and helping raise up local leaders for the Kingdom of God.

We could not be more excited for this next season of our life. A long season to plant our roots deep and to "sit on the front porch" for 20+ years until we see change.

 Our vision is to engage in peacemaking and reconciliation through the arts and sport.

Create Peace

As artists, entertainers and athletes, we have the ability to influence society and express beauty to a broken world in a way other spheres cannot. In a world that is continually at war with itself, we believe art and sport transcend language and align a broken humanity back to its conception—to Eden—where freedom, justice and beauty flow.

At Create Peace, it is our vision to empower and inspire at-risk, over-looked and under-served youth through the teaching of art and sport. We want to see a true sense of community and belonging through art classes, exhibitions, community, coaching, events and outreaches.

Ride For South Africa

In honor of the Ironman Triathlon held each year in Kona, Kevin+Lindsay will host the first annual CREATE PEACE "Ride for South Africa" BIKE-A-THON on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

The funds raised by this BIKE-A-THON will be used to cover the up-front moving and set-up costs for our family and ministry move to South Africa. We are looking to raise around $20,000 to help cover visas, plane tickets, housing and utility deposits, car, basic furniture and kitchenware, and anything else needed to start from scratch in a different country.


Donations given through this BIKE-A-THON will help us make our move and get Create Peace set up in South Africa. By giving a one-time or per-mile donation you will help us promote peace and speak Life into the hearts and minds of South Africans.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Every $1 counts and no amount is too small!

Ways we can reach $20,000 together on per mile donations:
- 400 people @ $.50 a mile x 100 miles
- 200 people @ $1 a mile x 100 miles
- 100 people @ $2 a mile x 100 miles

Ways we can reach $20,000 together on one time donations:
- 2,000 people at $10 each
- 1,000 people at $20 each
- 500 people at $50 each
- 200 people at $100 each
- 40 people at $500 each


After you make your donation, please help us spread the word by posting to your Facebook, twitter, blog, instagram, etc. We really want to get as many people involved as possible. This is not just about Kevin and I, but about all of us bringing change to this amazing nation.

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