Panyana Youth Camp

My team had the privilege of leading a youth camp for South Sudanese youth in Panyana, a city just 2 miles from the Congo border.

Our students delivered three sermons/seminars each on topics ranging from “Who is Jesus?” to “Prayer and Intercession” to “Hearing God’s Voice” to “Freedom in Christ”. And they each preached at least one message under the stars.

Every morning we each led an hour small group. With the language difference, it was a struggle in the beginning but by the end we had translators and the South Sudanese youth began to open up. Many know about Jesus, but we really focused on daily walking with Him.

We saw 13 salvations throughout the week including four during an open-air meeting in the market where Josh Mutch delivered the gospel message to the masses.

Our students did an amazing job and Esther and I were so proud of them. They definitely made disciples.

We walked right in to the Congo.

Melodie being a goat.
She's a bit cray cray.

Melodie, Josh Mutch and Seme kickin' back to relax after a busy day of preaching.

Because Panyana is only two miles from the Congo border, Seme – our amazing host and Arch Deacon to the area, took us to the Congo. We jumped from the country of South Sudan into the Congo where we proceeded to dance the conga line.

We walked to the top of a mountain overlooking a valley. Simply beautiful.
Later, Josh Mutch brought the word of God to the people.

Lucas teaching the South Sudanese youth.

Photo by Tara.

Photo by Tara.

We had the honor and privilege of meeting the South Sudan Speaker of Parliament [second in line – after the Vice President – to take on the presidency role].
No BIG deal.
This was an answer to prayer.
 Since Kona, we prayed as a team to meet with government officials. 
We shared with him what God spoke to our team about South Sudan:

Exodus 19:5-6, “You will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”
Priests invite, lead and point people to Jesus. Israel was called to be priests to the nations surrounding it. May South Sudan be the same. A nation marked by the presence of God which points other nations to Christ.


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