Baking a Birthday Cake in South Sudan

We celebrated Melodie's 19th birthday in South Sudan.
I surprised the team by baking a lemon cake.
It's my goal to bake in every country I travel to because it's so different in each location.
South Sudan was my biggest challenge yet.

This day will forever be one of my top favorites as I got to spend the day baking in the South Sudan heat with one of the most incredible families I will meet.

 Keziah, 21, lifting Daphne up to explore the tree.

 Miriam getting the coals hot for our outdoor "stove".

 James loves to play soccer.

From left to right: James 15, Josephine 10, Daphne 2, and Samuel 12.

 Paska, 17, let Daphne have some cake sprinkles.

 We mixed our ingredients outside.

 In the back you can see the "stove top" we cooked the cake in.
Coals were in a hole under the pot as well as on top of the pot.

 Everyone loves to lick the bowl and spoon!

Miriam getting ready to fetch water from the well.
Josh Morrison, Lucas and Tara [along with a few locals] built a rain catchment tank by Augustine and Miriam's house so they didn't have to walk to get their water in the rainy season.
Celebrating the youngest member of our team, Melodie!
We celebrated Liz and Josh Morrison's birthdays in South Sudan as well.