Quiet Time + Alone Time

My South Sudan team spent nearly every hour of every day together.
While other teams in other countries had the luxury of getting off base for breakfast or taking a walk alone, the closest restaurant in the nearest city was a 45 minute drive on the bumpiest road you will ever find.
We simply had no "get away" time, which everyone handled fairly well. I say fairly well because there were some hard moments [not going to lie].

However, each morning we somehow found a place of solitude for an hour to have our quiet time. Whether it be in the back of a pick up or against the side of a school, or walking with our headphones on - we each made space to be alone with our Lord. For me, those were the sweetest times with my Jesus. As a leader, I knew that I knew that I knew I could not get through a day without hearing from Him. I could not co-lead this team without hearing directly from God. So it was in those early morning hours that I sneaked away from the team and waited upon the Lord.

Do you ever have a song that takes you back to a certain place and time? Like when it plays you are put back in a certain time in life? United Pursuit Band's "Fill Me Up" takes me back to some of my sweetest times with Jesus in South Sudan.

Tara reading and journaling during her quiet time.

 You could always find Melodie up against the school building singing, playing guitar and or writing music to Jesus.

Esther reading her Bible in the back of a pick up.
Usually she could be heard singing and banging on a drum inside the school.

Liz doin' her thing.

 Around 10 a.m. each day we'd meet back together for a time of worship, prayer and team meeting.

Tara reading an inspiring message from a great book.

Our crazy and insane worship leaders Josh and Melodie.
These two really knew how to enter into God's presence as well as have a good time.

Sometimes we worshiped outside before it got too hot.