Daily Life

Daily life in South Sudan is quite different than daily life in Nebraska or Hawaii.
Even more remote than my time in Pakland.
We did not have electricity.
We "cooked" our food over a fire.
We had a squatty potty.
We bucket showered under the stars.
We had a "pet" rat in our mud hut that ate through our suitcases.
We killed chickens for dinner.
We hand washed our clothes by the water well.
We hand washed our dishes.
We visited and sat with neighbors regularly.
We made beautiful little friends every day.
It was a simple daily life.
It was a difficult daily life.
But it was our life for three months.
And we LOVED it.

Every Friday we made chapatis! We each ate two with our beans.
We looked forward to Friday dinner every week.
 We killed chickens to eat.
True story.
We washed all our dishes outside in buckets.
 We washed our clothes in the shade by the water well.
It was a once a week event.
The South Sudanese women sometimes took over for us.
I think they thought, "Poor Americans, they don't have the strength to get their clothes really clean."
We hung our clothes in the hot sun.
Took about two hours to be completely dry.
 You could always find Josh with the kiddos.
He gave his Bible to James, our 15 year old friend.
 These two LOVED Josh.
 I wonder why?
My dear friend Ouwa!
Her story is amazing.

We prayed for each other.
 Meet "grandfather".
Ouwa's grandmother.
I have no idea how old she is, but she had so much spunk and personality.
And yes, they call her grandfather.
 Playing a "board game" outside in the shade.
 Our crazy worship leaders, Melodie and Josh.
Sharon [left] and Josephine [right] often sat with me.
We usually found a way to have a good time.