Christmas in England

First off, so sorry for the long stint of silence. Since returning to the United States I've been busy with planning a wedding in two months, marriage, an unexpected hospital visit that lasted 10 days, and a two month trip to the Midwest visiting family, friends and trying our best to raise support for our BIG move to South Africa.

If you didn't hear the news, I'm married! Yep, it's true!

Here is my attempt to jump back into the wonderful world of blogging... Before I show more wedding photos, the next few posts will focus on my South Sudan outreach.


I had the incredible privilege of co-leading a team of seven outrageous Jesus lovers to South Sudan for three months. We left on December 24 and spent 36 hours [including Christmas] in the great country of England before heading down to South Sudan.

Fortunately for us, our friend Chloe and her parents picked us up from Heathrow and took us to their home in the small town of Swindon where we had a home cooked meal, tea, showers, a warm soft bed, and more tea. We laughed, ate, opened presents, played scrabble and watched Dr. Who. It was a Christmas we will never forget.

 My girls hanging out in the Heathrow airport.

 Lucas and Melodie passing the time.

 Mutch and my awesome co-leader, Esther, playing chess.
If they weren't playing chess they were playing Mono Deal.

 After traveling for two days this is me after a warm shower and a cup of tea in hand.
I love the British.

Chloe and her parents cooking dinner!
Thank you!

 Christmas in England with my friends.
Such a sweet memory.

 Mutch chillin' by the Christmas tree.

 Whenever we are together, things get a bit crazy.

 Morrison and grandma.
I just really like this photo.

 Everyone opening and enjoying their Christmas presents.
About two months before we flew out, Esther and I emailed our students' parents, and asked them to send a Christmas present for their kids to open on Christmas.
Esther and I surprised the!
Score one for the co-leaders!

Watching Dr. Who.

Playing Scrabble.
My team won.

Oh and a lot of this happened in those 36 hours.