Base Life

For the first week or so, before we really got into "ministry" we had the great joy of hanging around the base and getting to know the kiddos. The YWAM base in Yei has the amazing privilege of having a water well. People walk miles to the base well to get clean drinking water for their families.

Many women and children came to fill up their water jugs. It took hours for them to fill all their jugs and many of the kids would play with us while they waited. We built solid relationships with some of the kiddos that ran around.

Trying to get the base truck up and running.

Some sort of South Sudan stick ball game.
We played "jump rope" with the girls.
I'm not going to lie, I picked it up pretty quickly.
Playing soccer with the boys.
Of course, braiding hair took place.
Girls everywhere in the world love playing with hair.


  1. Linds your photos are beautiful <3 as always <3 Especially love the bottom one of the kid with the slingshot. Can't wait to see photos of your life in SA ;) Love you!


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