Wedded Bliss

The day Kevin and I got married was perfect.
75 degrees and sunny, not a cloud in the sky.
We had a small group of our nearest and dearest to make our day extra special.

I am so blessed to call Kevin my husband.
He is an incredible man and I happily walk this life by his side.

My wedding vows that I read to Kevin:
 Dear[est] Kevin,

You captured my heart, and today I hand it over to you willingly.

You are my best friend.
My love.
My soul mate.

Simply put, I love you.
And I want to do life with you.
Now and forever.

I want all of you.
Every piece.
Every joy.
Every dream.
Every insecurity.
Every fear.
Every fault.

Kevin, you have me.

Every inch of me.
Every hidden secret.
Every private chamber.

You are the first invited in.
And the last.

Thank you.
For loving me.
Believing in me.
Praying for me.
Challenging me.
Creating with me.

In the presence of God, our family and friends, I promise to be silly with you.
To dance in the kitchen.
To sing in the shower.
To play in the rain.
And beat you at speed scrabble.
I promise to go on leisurely walks with you.
Make you coffee.
Bake you treats.
And create our home everywhere the Lord leads.

I promise to trust your leadership.
To wait on the Lord with you.
And to act the second He speaks.

Kevin, I promise to respect your opinions.
And honor your decisions.

I promise to love you selflessly.
To put your needs above my own.
And to always speak Life over you.

I promise to support you and your dreams.
To never take you for granted.
And to cherish you now, tomorrow and forever.

Kevin, I promise to never leave you.
To try my hardest not to hurt you, even in a moment of anger.
And to be vulnerable and make myself fully known by only you.

In sickness and in health.
In times of poverty.
And in times of wealth.
For better or worse.
Till death due us part.

Together, let’s bring His kingdom come.
Subdue the earth.
And make lots of beautiful babies.


  1. Linds those are such beautiful vows! Thanks so much for sharing. : ) May God bless your marriage in such a deep way and lead you both in making all these words a reality (especially the last line!!!).

    love you!

  2. Love your vows...they blessed me and reminded me of words I spoke to Gary nearly 7 years ago. Such a good reminder.


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