The Proposal

Kevin’s proposal came a little late.
Not that it was an afterthought.
But with Lindsay in South Sudan, it made getting down on one knee a bit challenging.

It happened just two days after Kevin and Lindsay were reunited on The Big Rock in middle of the Pacific. Kevin stole Lindsay away from her day of student debrief and started with morning coffee and acai [the man is smart].

Later, the two changed into their best dress, and with their road trip soundtrack playing in the background drove to Kevin’s favorite town, Waimea.

At a particularly beautiful spot, he pulled the car over, and the two got out. Midst the blustery day, chilly weather and uneven ground, the two found a rock to sit on and enjoyed the view.

Before Lindsay knew it, Kevin turned around to get on one knee.
Mid bend, Lindsay said, “You’re going to sit on a cactus babe!”
Kevin adjusted his position and after say sweet things asked the all important question, “Will you marry me?”
To which Lindsay responded, “Wait, are you proposing?”
“Yes,” he said.
To which Lindsay answered, “Ummm, yes!”

The End.
Oh wait, it’s just the beginning.


  1. this is incredible news, Lindsay!! Congrats :)

  2. The cactus part will become a big part of your storytelling in years to come as you share with your kids and grandkids! They love that stuff!

  3. My favorite part, besides the big question, is the acai, of course. :)


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