Our Story - From Lindsay's Perspective

Like any good romantic story, ours begins in Hawaii on New Year’s Eve of 2010.

With his dark hair and sleeve tattoo, I immediately thought Kevin was attractive.
It was enough “edge” to make me swoon.
However, I was told he was on the phone with his, then, girlfriend and all hope was lost.

We once played ultimate frisbee together.
During one game I busted his nose with my ring.
There may or may not have been blood and a scar involved.

He, apparently, liked my competitive edge because there was no hard feelings and we started a friendship on said ultimate field.

A few text messages were exchanged.
Along with some flirting.
A definite connection that was never acted upon.

I left Kona in March, for a book tour, a little turned off by Kevin.
He had promised to help create a Web site for the book my group had published.
He never got around to making it.

I never thought once about Kevin on the book tour...
OK, not completely true, I did know he left Kona.
But nothing more.

Not until September 15, 2011.
Enter my George Clooney look-a-like.

I was back in Kona [after saying I’d not go back] staffing the Community Transformation DTS.
I was in the DTS office skyping with a potential student when Kevin poked his head around the corner.

I never thought I’d see him again.

He waited.
I took a little longer with my call.
He continued to wait.
And he walked me to the Thursday night Ohana Gathering.

We started our flirtatious text messages, and by the next week Kevin asked me out for a Saturday morning coffee date.
We walked to Kopa Lani, the little red coffee shop on Ali’i Drive.

What we both thought would be a two hour coffee conversation, turned into an eight hour day.

We instantly clicked.
It felt natural.
Not forced.
And completely comfortable.

He had enough wit to be my personal late night comedy act.
And I liked him.
We started dating instantly.

Yet, three months in he was guarded.
And I needed more.
So we sat down to talk.
Which quickly ended in a break up.

A week went by.
And I tried to forget Kevin.
Only to find roses covering my apartment and an “I’m sorry” card.

He cooked for me.
Sat with me.
Waited for me to open back up.

But I was hesitant.
And preparing to lead a three month outreach of nine to South Sudan.

We said goodbye with an awkward high five.
And I flew off to Africa.
I didn’t know what would happen.

But Kevin faithfully pursued my heart.
He wrote to me in a book every day.
And typed his letters to me in email form.
His long distance love notes were sincere, deep and transparent.

“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”

He started calling.
Once a week.
Twice a week.
Three times a week.
And for a while every day.
Each phone call longer and more epic than the last.

Our talks became my highlights.
I could not wait to tell him about my day.
To share my joys.
And to have a listening ear when I struggled.
He was the one I HAD to talk to.

And then one day I woke up and realized Kevin was my best friend.
I trusted him completely.
And I didn’t want to do life without him.

With 17 days left before we reunited, we had “the talk” late one night.
Words like elope, marriage, and wedding were thrown around.
He was serious.
I was serious.
And we were ready.

Calls were made to parents.
Surprise and excitement filled the air.
And within four days a wedding was in the works!


  1. thanks for sharing!:) i love reading your blog :)!

  2. I love it linds!! I love everything about it, especially how Kevin pursued you and wrote to you in a book, so sweet!!! I wish you knew how very excited I was for you!

  3. Congrats girl!! Such a good story. And many blessings :)


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