Happiest December Update

Check out my good looking glory team!
The Week Countdown
My team leaves for Africa this Friday! While I’m extremely excited, the incredible weight of leading a team of 7 people with one co-leader humbles me every day. I understand – more – what it means to fear the Lord.

I’m so excited that the Lord would put me in this place, at this time, to lead and disciple young people further into knowing Him and then taking them out to share His love with this nation.

As staff, it is our responsibility to plan our outreaches. This includes housing, food, transportation, ministries, etc. The details are coming together and after hundreds of emails [true story!] we have our first month “figured out”. We will partner with YWAM and Iris ministries, as well as run a youth camp.

During the second half of our time, there is a possibility of splitting up and a few from our group traveling north to build sanitation facilities and water catchment tanks through Justice Water. About 1.8 million people die every year due to preventable diarrheal diseases; most of them are children under the age of 5.  Please pray the details for this trip to work out. It would be an amazing opportunity to bless the YWAM base.

**Please note: Internet access will be limited, therefore I will not send many [if any] updates while away. BUT DON’T WORRY! I will journal and take photos and tell you my stories when I’m back in Hawaii! We will return to Kona, Hawaii on March 12 where we will debrief as a school. This is a beautiful time of sharing stories from all nine outreach locations.

Students leave March 16 and we as staff will debrief as a family. I am sure there will be many lessons learned as we share the good and difficult times. I have friends visiting me in Hawaii for a week before I staff the 2012 Let Justice Roll Down Seminar May 18-June 8. Speakers include: Shane Claiborne, Ched Myers, Elaine Enns, Tim Nafziger & Sylvia Morrison.

 We staff performed a flash mob dance for our students at our end of lecture phase Love Feast.
It was epic.

My goal in raising monthly support is to avoid last minute email alerts asking for thousands of dollars in a week. However, I am dependent on the Lord and others to help make this possible. A lifestyle of support is not easy, but it a foundational value YWAM believes in!

YWAM is called to practice a life of dependence upon God for financial provision. For individuals and YWAM corporately this comes primarily through His people. As God and others have been generous towards us, so we desire to be generous. YWAMers give themselves, their time and talents to God through the mission with no expectations of remuneration.

All that to say, ALL $2,970.38 of my funds came in! A BIG “thank you” to everyone that’s given financially!

If you would like to jump on board and partner with me monthly you can through http://thestorehousemovement.com/. (Please do not designate funds in my name on the Paypal site, but send an email to Kristin [kristin@thestorehousemovement.com] designating your gift for “Lindsay.”)

You can also send checks to: “The Storehouse” at PO Box 540782, Omaha, NE 68154-0782. Please do not write my name on the memo line of your check, simply include a note designating “Lindsay.”

If you would like to look at my monthly budget I emailed out before, please ask.

 Melodie is one of my students going with me to Africa.
She is from Texas and one of the funniest people I know.

Travel Schedule: We leave on the evening of December 23 and arrive in London, England on Christmas day. We have 24 hours in this great city and because of the generosity of a dear friend and her family, all nine of us will have a free place to stay, a home cooked meal, shower and beds one last time before we head on to South Sudan. We will continue our journey early on the 26th and land in  our African country on December 27th where we will take a 2 hour bus ride south to our accommodations.

 Esther is my amazing British co-leader.
She is a deeply God fearing woman.

Please Pray:
- Co-leading a team is challenging in many ways. Please pray for wisdom as we lead seven fiery lovers of Jesus in to this nation. Pray that we would lay the unknowns at the feet of Jesus and trust Him to lead and guide.
- Our living conditions will be rough. No electricity or running water + sleeping in tents and “out door” restrooms. Pray there’d be no complaining in the camp.
- Faith! I am learning –more – what it means to be faithful in the small. Pray for an increased portion of faith in my life for God to do the possible and the impossible.
- Health. Please pray no sickness or worms would have their way in our group in the Name of Jesus!
- Safety. Please pray our group would be safe everywhere we set our foot. Not just safe, but untouched and not noticed when need be.

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 My team had a 2-hour team building session where we leaned about communication, trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and trust.


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