H.A.P.P.Y. T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G.

Judy Collins sang, “To every thing, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn.”

Seasons are beautiful. We experience a piece of God in every season. And when we don’t change seasons, we potentially miss out on a facet of God.

Like seasons, people change in our life. Not that we forget them, but a person might be more present in one season and less in another. But we need each person to see the fullness of God.

I’m grateful for everyone in my life, but as tradition stands


My mom - The woman who gave me life; my personal assistant; my friend. Thank you, despite your sometimes over the top antics, for caring so deeply for me. You are ALWAYS on my side and ALWAYS my biggest fan. Thank you for loving me regardless, believing in me when I doubt and helping me live out my crazy life. I love you.

My dad - The man who believes I am worth more than the universe. Your gentle reminders speak life, value and love into my heart. I love our sports talks - near and far. Thank you for the tears you cry on my behalf when you talk to God. The love you speak to me is undeniable. I love you.

Kevin – My boo. You have taught me what “genuine” truly means, and because of you, I’m learning selflessness. Thank you for challenging me, believing the best in me and liking me for me. Your patience, as I process, it priceless. I love to laugh and popcorn with you. You are a gift. I look ahead with an open hand and heart with a big smile.

 J & J – My glory nectar leaders. My comic relief. My friends. Thank you for trusting the Jesus in me. For believing in my abilities and pushing me into my destiny even when it hurts. Your faith inspires me, your generosity motivates me, and your happy dances bring me great joy. Your faith is contagious. I’m happy to go “there” with you. I love you.

Steve & Di – The peacemakers. Artists. Community seekers. I feel as if our friendship has taken a turn for the deeper in the last few months, and I pray we can do life together for many years. Thank you for the encouragement you have shown me as you call out my strengths. You unwavering desire to see His Kingdom come on this earth is breathtaking. Never give up. Your daughter is a gift of joy to her aunt Lindsay. I love you.

Cambria – My little sister. My friend. My teacher. I have watched you grow into the most beautiful woman of God. Thank you for allowing me to walk hand in hand with you these last 2.5 years. I stand back, like a proud big sister, as I see you transition into the woman of God you were created to be. I learn from you daily. Thank you for you deep committed love to Jesus. It’s evident to all, and it stirs the fire within me. I love you.

Anne & Layne – My friends and staffing mentors. Thank you for your friendships, faces and laughter. Thank you for all the grace you showed me these last 2.5 years. As I step into your staffing shoes, I constantly seek your forgiveness. Your commitment to our eclectic family blows my mind. Thank you for your long distance friendship. I love “sharing” life with you. I love you both.

Comm Trans Community – Near and far. You have taken me in your arms with Love. Thank you for your commitment to community and bringing the simple gospel with great Love. Thank you for your loyalty to your family. And your friendship. Your loving hearts are evident; don’t ever doubt that. Thank you for allowing me to stand by your side. I love you.

Supporters - From years back to the most recent. Thank you for your continued Love and encouragement through the ups and downs of life. Your prayers, emails, contacts and gifts speak more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for believing in me. Always. You are loved.

Blog Friends/Readers - To the ones who read my writing and have taken interest in the journey of my life. Your input and words do not go unnoticed. I look forward to reading and sharing our different seasons. Celebrating and crying together. You are loved.

...and to God, my Kurious Isious, who has for now blessed me with these.