Screaming Mules and Such

My youth pastor of old, mentor, and dear friend Ty Schenzel recently wrote a book, "A Thousand Screaming Mules."

The unexpected story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision of hope

As a father, Pastor Ty Schenzel believed that if he loved his kids deeply, crazily, and unconditionally, they would see life, God, and their futures with hope and expectation. His children grew up knowing that “a thousand screaming mules” could not keep their dad from being there when they needed him. He showed his children that they were his priority – more than anything else.

Outside of his world and particularly in the inner city, Ty grieved when he saw other children not feeling loved in the same way. He has always felt a father’s love for those kids, and has devoted his dreams to breaking their cycle of hopelessness through faith, education, employment, and collaboration – all leading to the creation of the Hope Center for Kids.

Ty began by building a foundation of trust in the North Omaha community. He worked to help youth from across the city understand each others’ cultures better, and the Lord began to draw the groups together in a mighty way. In 1998, the former Gene Eppley Boys Club in North Omaha became home to the Hope Center, and Ty’s incredible vision became a reality.

You can buy the Kindle edition HERE!

Mine is currently in the mail!!!!!!

My amazing friend, Sarah Seaton, made this video!

The Hope Center for Kids strives to break the cycle of hopelessness and provide tangible hope to Omaha's inner city youth and children through faith, education, employment and collaboration. Youth learn essential job, life and social skills in order to become active participants in our communities.