Game Day

Saturday marked the official start to Husker football.
Huskers from around the world joined together in wearing their Husker gear.

You can take the Husker out of the corn but you can't take the corn out of the Husker.
[I'm really trying to make that saying work, I'm just not sure it does.]

Once a Husker, always a Husker.

Hadassah is wearing a very red Husker onsie all the way in Pakland!

EdgeWater, my aunt and uncle's floating home, is ready for Husker season!

Krista is living in Illinois, but still bleeding Husker red!

 Laura, originally from Fremont and currently living in Washington DC, has converted D into a Husker fan!

My first cousin once removed, Maila, in San Diego is sporting her Husker onesie my parents brought her a few weeks ago.

 Go Big Red from Thailand!