DIY Project #2

My friend Diane, gave birth to Margot Day on September 6th. Baby girl waited until I returned to the rock to come out. Di and I had this long standing/ever-changing bet where if I win she must eat a brownie.

The deal currently stood that if I was in Kona when baby was born, Di would eat a brownie. I got back two days before baby came, so I win. But I guess she won too! [It's a long story as to why she doesn't eat brownies in which I'll let her explain sometime. Let me just say, NEVER SAY NEVER! Can I get a shout out from all you Beliebers out there?!]

All that to say, my DIY art project #2 is for baby. I saw this idea on etsy here, and instead of buying it I thought, "I can totally make that." This idea of being able to make everything yourself seems easy in the beginning, but days later you wonder if this too shall pass.

First I bought a package of three 6-9 month onesies.

Then I found a camera template online, printed, traced and cut the shape out of the onesie.
Next I placed a fabric behind, and sewed along the edge.

I had to make the details of the camera from the remaining onesie material from the cut out camera shape, and then sewed a chain stitch for the straps to the camera.

Last, I printed the font I wanted for the letters, traced and sewed them.

While I am totally in love with the finished product, I don't think I would make this particular design an, "oh, you're having a baby?!! Let me make you something amazing!" It is very time consuming and detailed... Which I guess is most DIY projects... hmmmm.... Maybe I need to regroup and realize "Rome wasn't built in a day!"


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