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 Panama, Camaron Arriba. 2009.

The Ngöbe people are the largest indigenous tribe of Panama numbering around 180,000 in population. They live in the far North of Panama on the sprawling mountains of the Ngöbe Bugle. A majority of the people live deep in the mountains, with little outside influence, and are therefore considered the most closed off tribe of Panama to outsiders.

The Panamanian government has now implemented public schools for the tribal children to attend, however school is only taught in Spanish. While the Ngöbe people maintain their own language, the rising generation of Ngöbe children are now at risk of losing their cultural language. Forced to speak only Spanish in school, these children are caught between two ever-merging worlds.

For Sale:
16” x 24” canvas photo print: $135 + shipping. The canvas is 100% acid free archival quality certified to last a lifetime, UV protecting varnish, water resistant and includes dust cover, and hanging hardware.

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