Whenever I introduce myself, I tell people I'm from Omaha.

"Oh! You're the first person I've met from Nebraska," is the response I get every time.

Which makes me believe not many people ever leave "the good life."

Their statement is followed closely behind with, "Did you grow up on a farm?"

To which I respond, "Nebraska is more than just corn fields and farms!"

Farming in to me as the World Series is to the Cubs.

Hello, I went to school in North Omaha.

I spent Saturday night with the Renters, Carla's parents. After we went out to eat they took me past Carla's one room school and her home growing up. Along the way, I made Bob stop so I could take instagram photos with my iPhone.

 This is Carla's old house... although there was a ton of remodeling, renovating and add ons that took place. The inside is seriously out of magazine. It's the perfect blend of contemporary and old.

 This is where Carla's measured herself and her friend's every year.

 The hog barn.

 Farm irrigation system against a beautiful Nebraska sunset.

 One of Carla's favorite places in Waterloo.

 Waterloo. Before annexing another small town, the population was 459.

 The Cornhuskers!

Bob, Connie and I after dinner and dessert. We talked and laughed and talked some more.