Baby Shower Magic

On Saturday, a few of us got together and threw Diane a baby shower. She is scheduled to have a baby girl in just a few weeks.

We decorated and baked all morning and afternoon. It looked as if it would rain, but the sun came out just as the guests arrived.

It was a beautiful time of celebrating new life!

The photos below were taken by Jannelle.

This is known as "extreme bunting" in England.

My dear friend, Cambria, made this baby shower invite.

Praying the prophetic over baby and mommy!

Meet Jenni, she is my leader for the Community Transformation DTS I will staff beginning in September.

The Kiwi and I with mommy and baby [small photogenX reunion].

Di is a natural mommy, and I am a natural auntie!

We decorated onesies with words of encouragement and prophetic words we may have received for baby. Or just the word "nectar" because Jenni likes it.

Meet some of my friends.
Top Left: Jannelle, my amazing photographer friend whom I stayed with the first 1.5 weeks here.
Bottom Left: Jo, my wonderful English friend whom I'm staying with for the last 1.5 weeks here. She planned this fabulous shower.
Bottom Right: Melanie, my beautiful French friend. You could not have a more French accent than her.


  1. so prettyyyyyy! wish i could have been there. bah.

  2. i love this blog post! adorable! you already have such a splendid life there, linds. i, too, wish i could have celebrated di with you!!!!



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