The Poor Will NOT Always Be With You

58: is a Christ-centered global initiative to end extreme poverty. 58: answers Isaiah’s challenge to “shout it aloud and do not hold back” through astonishing communications. And 58: honors the True Fast of Isaiah by engagement in poverty-eradicating action. 58: is built for you to create, shape and join communities of passionate, like-minded Christians who will work together to end extreme poverty in our lifetime.

This is no call to slacktivism. We are impatient, committed Christ-followers with revolutionary intentions. We will work with perseverance and resolve for the lifting of the extremely poor, all 1.4 billion of them, and we will not be satisfied until that new reality has come.

58: is lead by world-class, time-tested Christian organizations that hold a deep commitment to integrity and results. In partnership with Accord, these organizations define and advance excellence in anti-poverty work. Through these organizations, 58: provides your strategic connection to global impact.

Visit their Web site and choose your fast!