Midwest Flood

While I've been gone, a flood took over Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa and the Dakotas.
My hometown, Omaha, is right on the Missouri River, the cause of said flood.
Interstate 29, over into Iowa is closed indefinitely, or at least until you can see the concrete again.
They say this a 500 year flood. 2011 must have been year 500.

My parents took me around to get a bigger idea of how much flooding is happening.
As of now, the airport is still functioning, but if it floods anymore the runways will be flooded too.
Oh did I mention it's raining outside today, a tiny break from the unbelievable heat [112 degrees heat index].
I leave for Hawaii tomorrow for 3.5 weeks.
Hopefully the airport will still be open when I need to return... or wait a minute?!

You can see Interstate 29 covered in water.
Note the sign in the distance that tells us the bridge is 9 ft. 4 inches.
The water is about 1 ft. from the top.


  1. WOW!!!! Looks like I won't be driving into Omaha! :( Great photos!!!


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