The Happiest Place on Earth?

While in Southern California I went to Disneyland with some friends. I went when I was 5, but remember nothing. Twenty-five years later, I LOVED my time! Who knew?!

Before entering the park, we stopped at Megan's favorite sunglasses shop and bought some cheap sunglasses!
Waiting in line for our first ride, Space Mountain [my favorite!]

Did you know the movie Pirates of the Carribean was made because of the Pirates ride?
It's true.

I forget what these are called, but the girls said they are a must at Disneyland and I must agree!

 Mikey ears! Mine was pirate-esk and I had to buy them!

Took this photo for Callum!

This is someone's high horse :)

The fireworks were amazing!!!!

Had to ride the tea cups!

I wasn't afraid of the drop, but more or less getting wet at 11 p.m. at night.
It was cold!


  1. Again. Again. Again. Once a year, track reunion @ Disneyland....?


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