Before we sent our book, Act Here. Love Now., to the printer we contacted a few people we respected for endorsements.

Just yesterday I received the below email from Shane Claiborne:

Lindsay - Thanks for your book, and all the kind notes.  Please send my love to all.  It is an honor to endorse your project.

"This book makes your heart jump.  It makes your imagination whirl.  It makes you smile and cry.  It's a book you want to put on the coffee table because you know folks will pick it up and not be the same again.  It is a beautiful thing to see 11 folks as talented as these come together and plot goodness, and travel the planet to create this masterpiece... and now they offer it to you.  It is an invitation to re-imagine the world."

Shane Claiborne
author, activist, and recovering sinner

It is an honor to have Shane Claiborne endorse our book. This will go into our second edition [...someday...]
If you have not had a chance to read any of his books, I recommend "Irresistible Revolution" and "Jesus for President". Both changed my perspective on what it means to be live like Jesus.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Act Here. Love Now., email me at l.blake.photography@gmail.com.


  1. AWEOME! how did you get him to see it?

  2. So proud of you! What a great endorsement, too!


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