Over the Border.... Up North

The whole group is back together in Vancouver, BC [minus our Texas Blonde] and we couldn't be happier. We spent our first night back together sitting around the dinner table eating cake, drinking wine and catching up on a weeks worth of stories. For TWO FULL HOURS!

We stopped in Seattle for lunch and met up with our friends Alexander and Katelyn.

Our first night back together we went for a walk by a beautiful lake.
The Vancouver air is very life giving!

We had a free day on Tuesday, so we decided to take advantage and check out the city.
I found Vancouver stunningly beautiful and eclectic. Just my cup of tea.


  1. you have the coolest pics on your blog! i guess that is the perk of being a photographer huh? ;)

  2. Lindsay, i LOVE these photos! my favorite is the one with the little puffy cloud over the city. miss you!


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