ladies of purple and mountains, oh my.

from my other blog:

first, you need to know that we LOVE vancouver.

second, (which perhaps should have been first), you need to know that we love grandma. (she used to be jaylene’s grandma, but now she is ours too. she’s the really smiley one in the photo below.)
third, we need to tell you that grandma takes us on random adventures around the city. like last night–we came back from speaking at a church and grandma decided we needed to drive to the top of a hill to see the sunset (it sets Really Late here, like after 9:30.) we got there just in time to see it slip below the horizon.

grandma is full of surprises.

fourth, grandma loves purple. as does jaylene. as does amanda–jaylene’s mom and grandma’s daughter. amanda, aka mom (i’m sure photos will come soon) joined us today.
my oh my, we are a happy family.

oh, and fifth–sometimes grandma’s random adventures are COLD and she lets us wear her HOT purple accouterments. see photos below.