Kind Words from A Canadian Pastor

Dear Christian Friends,

Something happened last Sunday (12th) that moved me deeply, so much so that I wish we could have last Sunday over again. It happened first when Jaylene was briefly interviewed by pastor Joel. (Jaylene is Sheila’s granddaughter.) Jaylene told how she was part of an eleven member group of young women who traveled to 36 different countries – confronting the injustices they witnessed. I was so impressed that young people would take such a courageous stand in regard to injustice. Then I read their book Act Here. Love Now. Wow!! If I was a millionaire I would purchase a copy for everyone in the church. It’s not just a book of magnificent photographs – it’s a book with many moving and powerful descriptions of pain and poverty experienced by millions in our world. It goes even further for it has very practical suggestions as to what any Christian person could do in their ‘neighbourhood’, in their ‘city’ and in their ‘world’. That young people would be willing to confront poverty, apartheid, human trafficking, exploitation and other injustices - moved me. They did it all with an overwhelming spirit of love. I felt as if I was reading Mother Teresa all over again. Praise God for young people.
Your friend and pastor,


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