The End of An Era

It’s been 844 days [that’s two years & three months] since I began this crazy adventure. Starting off in the volcanic island of Kona, Hawaii, I’ve circled the world TRACKing to 16 countries and sleeping in 75 different beds. Filled with many HIGHS and LOWS [and everything in between] we’ve learned that you do not need to take an epic trip to change the world. All it takes are simple acts of genuine love to bring His Kingdom come.
After Portland, our groups met back together in Vancouver, Canada. In the midst of our speaking engagements we “enjoyed” the Stanley Cup finals in the great city of the Canucks. It was wild, crazy and maybe a little scary!
As we finish our West Coast Book Tour in Seattle, we are ending our 2.5-year journey together. This random group of 11 girls turned into a beautiful eclectic family, and saying goodbye is sad, to say the least.
While the tour officially ends on Sunday, June 26, a few of us will continue into Idaho, Montana and Calgary, AB. We will host a few open houses, a college talk and an art exhibit. I will also help drive my teammate Megan’s parents’ car back down to San Diego.
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Next Season & Chapter
I fly back to Omaha on July 13 and will take a few months to rest, regroup and really figure out what is next. I want to pray into and pursue this art center, but I am praying for specific answers. I need the Lord to bring someone who understands non-profits to come alongside me and help with the business side of things. I also need to know in which city this art center should be located.         Please pray with me as I seek the Lord for my next step.

We are entering Act Here. Love Now. into the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. We feel we have a chance to gain recognition for the great work we put together.

Surprise Visits. Our leader, Paul, surprised the group by flying to Seattle. He took us out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and we spent the next day talking, laughing and reminiscing.

Friends along the way. I had the immense blessing to meet up with friends along the west coast - L.A., Sacramento, Redding, Portland and Seattle. I am so very blessed with great friends all over the world.

Stanley Cup. We watched game 5 with 100,000 Canucks fans. Cambria & I did not like the violence of the game and left before the end. Hockey fans can be a bit aggressive. [Please see news reports of riots and cars set on fire.]

Prayer Time
Words spoken and prayed over me:
·            Gift of influence—you will walk with kings.
·            Commitment to see things through even when its tough.
·            There is never a dull moment with you. Your laughter and joy is contagious.
·            You are a William Wilberforce in our generation.
·            “You will write the things others don’t want to tell.”
·            Prophetic: Call out the things you see in others-the unseen—you are the biggest fan of each person.
·            You work with excellence, do things well.
·            Passion: Work well towards making your passions come alive.
·            Commitment: You put yourself into what you believe and stand for.
·            Loyal: You love your friends well.

Thank you for all your love and support these last 2.5 years

Quotes along the way:
“Incredible testimonies, incredible hearts, incredible ministry.” – William from Kirkland, Washington.

“I am now in possession of 7 of the most extraordinary publications I have seen in a very long time. You young women have torn my heart wide open... Not sure if it can be repaired unless I start to act here and love now.” – Tony from Omaha, Nebraska

“I met these folks in Portland and was very impressed. They put themselves out on the front lines where life is harder than most Americans realize is possible to survive. They are courageous and inspirational. I hope the experiences of their journeys open a fuller perspective of life on this planet for women, men, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, rich, poor… whomever. I hope the Creator guides them and gives them the strength to continue to effect the world in a positive way and that they remain strong and steadfast in their morals and principals. True, we fall short of the glory of God and none of us is above sin, but to show kindness and remembrance to and of others who have less than us, the vulnerable and angry, this is a way God Almighty provides for us to scrub the smudges from our souls. God bless and keep up the good work.” – Ran from Portland, Oregon

“I picked Act Here. Love Now. up and I could not put it down. I'm amazed by every story, picture, admonishment, piece of truth, and reality which I encountered. Admiring you and your friends, loving Jesus more, and stirred for something yet to be determined.” – Sheryl from Dallas

West Coast Numbers [2 months]

Speaking engagements 68

Books sold 1,844

T-shirts sold 112

Photos sold 37

Track Numbers [2.5 years]
Girls            11
Countries            16
Beds            75
Flights            59
Days together            844
Memories          1,587,945