Put A Bird On It - Update

We made it to Portland and will start our speaking engagements tomorrow. We will be speaking at two homeschool groups, YWAM Salem, two photo galleries/cafe nights, a small group and a church. Our host family is former YWAM staff and very generous and hospitable.
Prayer Requests
1.That our group would be filled with the HS as we walk the streets of Portland. May we carry His presence into every building we enter. And may we each radiate the character of Jesus when we speak.
2.As we prayed in the car on our drive up, I was reminded that God is already present here in Portland, Oregon. Please pray that each of us would call forth His presence & restoring power.
3.That the message God has put in our hearts would go forward and encourage people to Act Here and Love Now. May Portland understand the significance of redemption and their part in restoring His Kingdom!
The Death of Big Teal
There was a bit of drama with our van last Sunday (my birthday).  The plan was to speak at a church right outside of San Francisco, then drive to Sacramento and host a cafe night. But 10 minutes into our drive our car sputtered to a stop on the interstate.

A police officer saw us stranded and decided to help. He used his car to push our van off the interstate while his partner stopped traffic.

After finding the lone mechanic that was open on Sundays, we towed our van away. We waited in cafes for hours to hear the prognosis and in the meantime, decided to walk around.

13.5 hours later, we made it to our Sacramento home where couches and floor space were waiting.

Big Teal kicked the bucket and we now drive a Chevrolet HHR [renamed it the Hideous Hearse Roadster]. Because of the incredibly small trunk space, we had to consolidate the few belongings we had into smaller suitcases and mail the rest home. Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthday Surprises: My dear friend, Sarah, flew in to Sacramento for her job. We happened to be there at the same time and she epically surprised me at the CA state capitol!

Portlandia: We automatically became less cool the minute we drove into Portland but these videos helped us unlock this city’s secrets. If you have a minute and need a laugh, watch the Portlandia videos.

Engagement: I am happy to inform the masses that my dear friend Layne is engaged! Jonathan was a part of my DTS, he fell in love with Layne and has been trying to win her heart ever since. Congratulations to you both!