More Encouraging Words

With all the different event venues it is hard to know how we are being effective. However, we have been receiving some encouraging feedback from people reading our book.

"I am now in possession of 7 of the most extraordinary publications I have seen in a very long time. Act Here. Love Now. is sure to keep me up past my usual 1a.m. bedtime! I made it to page 17 before the tears came. I'm not ashamed of my tears, only my failure to have had more compassion for the very people you lived with and loved. Thank you all..."

"Well, about an hour ago I realized I was not going to fall asleep (after an hour of restlessly laying in my bed, playing WWF, checking fb, twitter, etc.). So I got up and was going to read. When I walked into the living room, lo and behold, there was AHLN on the table. I picked it up...and I could not put it down. Several times I though how I should be journaling, or something, my reflections. But I couldn't put it down. Half way through I thought I should go to bed. But, you guessed it, I couldn't put it down. I'm amazed by every story, picture, admonishment, piece of truth, and reality which I encountered.

I know I will have more reflections and questions later, but for now, I am going to bed...admiring you and your friends, loving Jesus more, and a stirred for something yet to be determined."

Our friend, Kirstin, gave Act Here. Love Now. a shout out her blog. Check it out.

If you have the book, I pray your life is impacted in some way. If you do not have it, you can. Order your copy today!