The Masses Adore You #1

Nati has something to say -

1. 3 words to describe lindsay:
    1- Extreme
    2- Loud
    3- Spontaneous
2. a favorite memory of lindsay: I will never forget the days we spent in Ko Chan, a beautiful island in Thailand famous for its resorts and beaches. We arrived and we didnt know it was winter, storm season. It rain every freaking day, specially the first night. We bought few ponchos but we got super wet. We rented mopeds and our breaks didnt work and we were not brave enough to go down a hill...we did absolutletly nothing but eat padthai and more padthai. we couldnt wait to get back to bangkong to eat the yummy breakfast at the best hostel in the world.
3. first impression of lindsay: wow. she is very very literal.
4. something you've learned from lindsay: i learnt that Omaha has amazing steaks and mimosas
5. something you admire about lindsay: such a go getter. without her I we will probably still working on the publication!