The Masses Adore You #2

From Carla:
1. 3 words to describe lindsay

2. a favorite memory of lindsay
•In the mountains of Pakistan playing wit children, teaching them our
names, wrestling in the tent, washing our hair, not washing our hair,
dancing in Abbotabad, making videos, the earthquakes, the tremors, the
snow, outside with our heads uncovered (oops) and the many other
culturally inappropriate things we did. They are all my favorite!
p.s. I could go on forever...

3. first impression of lindsay
•"She's pretty but what's up with the blue eye shadow?" ha ha sorry!

4. something you've learned from lindsay
• Never give up and keep dreaming even when you think your dreams will
never come true.

5. something you admire about lindsay
•I admire her love for Jesus, her selfless attitude, her love for life
& her passion to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.