Dreams + Reality

If you didn't know, I am a dreamer.

I have countless amazing ideas, most of which always stay just that, an idea.

But sometimes my activator + futuristic strengths kick in and those ideas begin to see motion.

I want to start an art center.

There I said it.

It's now out in the open for all the world to know and try to crush.

The problem is, I have many MANY brilliant ideas + dreams but no one to help make them come true.

I recognize that I am not the business type. It's not my strength.
Fund raising.

It all stresses me out.

But I need someone who gets that. Who is financially + business savy. Who believes in me + my dream for the art center.

I pray for that person daily.
Believing they will come into my life soon.
Hoping sooner rather than later.

I talk.
I listen.
I recruit, or at least try.

Someone with a passion for kids/youth.
Someone who sees the importance of art in our society/world.
Someone who has achiever + strategic strengths.
Someone who believes art can empower, inspire and impact a child and a community.

Anyone know of seminars & workshops teaching on starting non profits.

I bought a book to begin the process of understanding the ins and outs. I want to be mentored by someone who started a non profit. Learn + glean from their knowledge and experience for a year or so as I work on my business plan.

We will see.
God knows.
Some days I see a flash of hope.
Others I want to bury my head in the sand.
It's touch and go at times.