Classic Track Birthday

Last Sunday was my 30th Birthday and in classic track form, nothing went as planned.

The plan was to speak at a church right outside of San Fransisco, drive to Sacramento and host a cafe night. But 10 minutes in to our drive to the church our car puttered to a stop on the interstate. The photos below give an idea of what the next 13.5 hours [but whose counting?] looked like.

 We had no idea what the day held for us.

 A police officer saw us stranded and decided to see if he could help.

 He pushed our van with his cop car off the interstate while his partner stopped traffic. He gave us directions over his PA system.

 Our hero! Little did we know it wasn't gas we needed.

 The thought behind our little situation was that we ran out of gas. So we filled 'er up.

 We were wrong.

After finding a mechanic that was open on Sundays, we towed our van away.

We waited in cafes for hours to hear the damage and then decided to walk around.

Cambria's friend, Caleb, drove us to UC Berkeley's campus to walk around.

Caleb is a fellow Nebraskan.

After being told it would cost $3,000 to fix our van, we decided to lay her to rest and rent this Chevrolet HHR [hideous, hearse, roadster].

13.5 hours later we made it to our Sacramento home where couches and floor space were waiting.


  1. Love it. Birthday adventure!

  2. Great picture of Cambria, haha. Sounds like quite the adventure. :)


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