Birthday Surprise

On Tuesday, I thought we had planned the ultimate surprise for my friend Layne. Jonathan, her then boyfriend/now fiance, planned to surprise her in Sacramento.

While on our way, I myself was surprised!

Nice job Anne for pulling a double surprise in one day! You are a precious friend and I am so grateful for to have you in my life.

I saw a "lady" sitting on a bench in the distance and said out loud, "that lady looks like my friend Sarah Seaton." When we walked closer I realized it really was! I was so shocked!


Not surprising, I was more excited to see her.

 It was always on Layne's dream list to go on a blind date. To TRY and throw her off, we told her we set her up on one and Jonathan was ok with it. She went along with it, but I think she knew.

It was Jonathan's birthday the next day!

And now they are engaged! Woot woot!
Did I mention, our lives are out of control.