Act Here. Love Now. Starbucks


A review my friend, Cambria, wrote on Starbucks after a very lively morning:

I worked at Starbucks for years, and so I am biased in my love for the company.

I want to tell a story of great customer service, but it requires a bit of a background story first.

All over the world me and my friends traveled, and all over the world we went to great lengths to find the comfort of home only Starbucks could offer us. From Africa, to the Middle East, to Europe, if there was a Starbucks, we found it.

Today my friends and I find ourselves in Pismo Beach, California, on a tour with a book we published that is a compilation of our stories and photos from traveling.

We dont have much money anymore, as you can imagine, yet this morning we were forced to take our 1999 Dodge Grand Voyager into the 76 service station, as it would not stop screaming for our attention.

While we were standing waiting to get our diagnostic printed, my friends and I made small talk, exchanging stories about injuries we have experienced, and witnessed.

My friend was so overwhelmed by the descriptions we colorfully offered, that within minutes she passed out! She fell on the ground, hitting her head.

It was very dramatic.

Anyway, I tell you all of this because once we handed over the car to be fixed, we crossed the street into the loving arms of the neighborhood Starbucks, seeking refuge from a bumped head and the bright California sun.

The baristas at this store were so friendly! A woman who I think was the manager came over after noticing that the cup of ice we asked for was pressed against the head of my friend.

She asked, "Did you hit your head?"
My friend explained, "Yes, I fainted."
She urgently replied, "Oh my! Well, can I get you anything?"
Then she promptly without hesitation offered Savannah a breakfast sandwich and a beverage, which she kindly declined and accepted a bag of popcorn instead!
No questions asked, the Starbucks partner came to her rescue!
And here I sit, next to Savannah, and she is feeling much better.

I just wanted to commend this particular store, and that particular lady for her legendary service.

This is one of the many reasons I will not stop going back to Starbucks.


  1. Sipping my Starbucks as I enjoyed the story. CLASSIC. love it!

  2. Thank you, Lindsay. Apparently she gets this great response technique from her father, who pulled the same stunt when SAVANNAH was admitted to emergency room and had to have an IV. They had to take him outside and bring out the smelling salts!


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