Thank You

 I try to make it a tradition to thank the Lord for the people in my life during specific seasons. As I fly away from the big island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I have a few people I’d like to thank.

Joseph – My anchor. My mentor. My friend. Thank you for your investment into my life beyond the “book project.” You are the reason I stayed in Kona beyond Christmas. Your dedication to me, as an individual, will forever be engraved into my heart. Thank you for loving me, speaking life into me, giving your precious time to me and believing I have worth. Thank you for your confidence in my talent and my voice. I am forever grateful. I love you.

Greg & Jannelle – The passionate artistic ones. My community, even when we didn’t always get together. Thank you for seeking me out in the midst of hundreds. For your commitment to “the cause” in the midst of high waves and storms. May you be the lighthouse for others as they find their way into our community and may distance have no bounds. I believe in your family. I love you.

Paul & Susi – The visionaries. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dream for two years. I count it a privilege to have served under you. It’s been interesting and epic all at once. I love your family.

Steve & Diane – The “cool” kids. Thank you for your crazy friendship that consisted of button making in your bedroom, pancakes on the lanai, and road trips to retreats and Starbucks. Thank you for your zeal for peace. May we create peace together wherever we go. I love you.

Rog & Deb – My YWAM parents. Thank you for loving me and caring for me. Your continual concern and kind hearts blows me away. I count in an honor to know you and be loved by you. Thank you for allowing me to bake in your kitchen and making me feel right at home in your house. I loved every minute I had with you both. I love you.

Building Manager Lee – Thank you for putting up with eight girls in one room. Thank you for forgiving us for the maggot incident. Thank you for your grace when some did not do their chores to your standards. In the end, I hope we left our room cleaner than when we arrived. We love you.

...and to God, the one I call Papa, who has for now blessed me with these.


  1. love this. you amaze me. i laughed out loud at lee's bit

  2. I am honored to be mentioned above. Thank YOU for your dedication to Jesus, the passionate way that it plays out in your daily life and the respect that you have for people. You were made for amazing things. Love you!

  3. Thank you ... I do believe you have so much to offer .... so continue seeking that next plattform and Keep it up!
    As you move forward you will pull others with you and more to try harder ...
    love you too!


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