You Better Back Up, Before I Back You Up

It’s really not funny at all how at the end of a season in life people are so quick to ask “What’s next?”

It’s like we’re pushed to jump from one season to the next. And I guess that is normal, this is – after all – Life. However, more often than not, I wish there was a break – a break to simply sit, look back upon the last season, and fully process.

Process all of the incredibly hard aspects, and rejoice over the epic pieces of the adventure. Laugh at the many trials and wipe tears away as I remember all that God did for me, in me and through me.

Yet, here I am with the terrifying question hovering over me, “Lindsay, What is next?”

Of this I am sure:
  1. I am called to Love God. Love Others.
  2. I want to live in or be a part of a community house.
  3. I want to be involved in an Art Center or house of sorts.
  4. More than anything, I want to Live a creative life of Loving service.

Where and how this looks… I don’t know. I’m scared of answering this question because for some reason I still view my life as an endless tight rope [which I do know it’s not]. But I can’t shake that fear that one wrong move will send me down a rabbit hole of wrong decisions.

And yet, I know my God is bigger than that. I know that as long as I pursue Jesus I am in His will. I am safe. I also know that being in His will does not mean ease or complete safety from this world. But there is no safer place than in His arms. And I am certain that is where I am now.

There is freedom in Christ!

So I sit, pray and wait. For an answer, direction, or a plain confidence in any decision I make. I’d also really appreciate a note directly from Jesus falling from the sky.

Please, if you feel inclined, pray for me. For a peace in my heart with the options before me.


  1. you have got a beautiful heart girl.

  2. You just so beautifully put into words how I have been feeling, especially now that my time in S.K. is slowly coming to an end.....

    Always remember, Joshua 1:3, 5, 9 AND Jeremiah 29:11

    Love you girl!!!!


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