Pre-Order Book Sale Tab

Act Here. Love Now. has been sent to the printer! We are scheduled to have the books in hand around April 25th (In time for the group to start our tour in San Diego, CA).

The price of the book is $12.95 but there is a pre-order sale for $10 (+shipping) and you can order them on this Web site HERE!

There are a few different mailing options:

1. If you live in Omaha, and can pick the book up from my parents' home the cost of shipping will be $1. Pick Up
2. If you live outside of Omaha but in the United States/or live in Omaha and would prefer the book delivered directly to you the cost of shipping will be $5. Delivery

Thank you for all your LOVE and SUPPORT! We are very excited and proud of what we put together. We hope you are too!

If you would like to purchase multiple copies, please contact me.