The List

As little girls in tutus and tiaras, we are sweetly told by our fathers and sunday school teachers to make the list for our 'prince charming'.  Anything goes! Brave, handsome, wise, faithful, financially savvy, adventurous, and the like.

So we hold out for Mr. Right. Mr. 100%. Mr.....

Our list that was 50 qualities-long was once endearing, but is now interpreted as being too picky. "Adventurous? PLEASE!" our friends say with a smile. "Your list will have to change if you EVER want to marry."

We reluctantly consent. "OK, OK, maybe 'must have accent' is a BIT much." But our hearts secretly hope that he'll still come along.

Today we decided to rewrite those dusty old lists, and we've become a bit more creative. Our Prince Charming must be a Prince, but of course, Princes are still human. Some 'non-negotiables' have turned into 'would-be-nice.' And we feel OK about this -- I mean, heck, I'm turning 30 soon.

We evaluated our list against our own character, and after a few hours of healthy introspection, we're shockingly not quite the Cinderellas our daddies always said we were.

So this flawed, single, blonde Princess is looking for her flawed, handsome, adventurous Prince {accent a PLUS!}.


  1. i love this, too. it's true that no one will be perfect. perfect for you is what matters. even when it comes to a good personality fit, God knows better than we do.

  2. Hmm, never really did a list. Had a few items floating in my head ... and, yes, Mike met them, but those items weren't really consulted. :-)

  3. i love this. accent is a "must" on my list! and i got it!!!! although i never had a list...thought it was impossible. i love you.


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