Stephanie Pilypaitis

Meet my good friend, Stephanie Pilypaitis.

The honest lyrics and passionate vocals of Stephanie Pilypaitis set her apart as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter in today’s music scene. She gives an enchanting, yet down-to-earth performance every time she steps on stage, leaving her audience refreshed and uplifted. Stephanie’s lyrics are inspired by people, love, taking risks and following dreams.

“I’m not into cheesy songs, but my songs usually do offer some kind of hope in the end, even if it’s just with a question that asks, ‘How could this be changed?’”

She fell in love with singing at the age of 11, discovered the guitar at 14, and has been writing her own songs ever since. After establishing herself as a well-known Omaha artist, Stephanie relocated to Nashville in 2008 to broaden her pursuit of writing and performing.

She attributes the success in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, to the people who have consistently believed in her throughout the journey by listening to her first songs, buying her debut CD, and kindly nudging her out of Omaha for her next adventure.

“I have this dream-and a lot of people have dreams-but if a dream isn’t encouraged, it tends to get buried. The friends I have, my co-workers, the people I’ve met at shows…all of them have pushed me forward. May I never take that for granted.”

With musical inspiration from artists like Sheryl Crow and Jewel, Stephanie has an up-tempo folk/rock sound that captures the attention of people with many different musical likings.

“I’m not vague with my songwriting, but at the same time, I think what makes a song good is its ability to tell more than one story…I want to be able to relate to all kinds of people in many different places in life.”

Stephanie is continually looking for more opportunities to write and perform, because it’s what makes her feel most alive.

“I feel like there’s something inside of me that will waste away, unless I share it with other people.”


“Stephanie is a great musical talent! She has a completely unique sound, yet it is so easy to relate to her music. She continually packs the house at Myth, and when she is not playing, we often have customers asking for her. -Joanna and Brian, owners Myth Martini Bar Omaha, Nebraska

“From a refreshing heart comes a refreshing voice with refreshing songs, great to relax to.” -Chris Saub, top Omaha singer/songwriter Omaha, Nebraska

“Stephanie Pilypaitis is not only a friend of our show, we are fans of her music and sound. Our listeners always respond to her in-studio performances with great enthusiasm! From the first time we met and heard her, we knew we’d want her back again and again!” -Pat and JT KQKQ Q98.5FM Omaha, Nebraska

“Stephanie delivers solid songs that are lyrically honest with a relaxed confidence that makes me believe they are coming from a real place inside her. She was a dream to work with in the studio and she fronts her band with ease. I play with about 10 or so artists and I always look forward to Steph’s gigs because I know that they will be low-maintenance and a meaningful night of music.” -Matthew Tobias Empty House Studio Omaha, Nebraska

“Stephanie Pilypaitis is the rare performer who brings us a complete package. As a venue owner, I’m grateful for her professionalism and the extra effort she always makes to get publicity for her shows. At the performance she shows up on time prepared, always cheerful and eager. Our staff loves working with her. Best of all, she brings people in and treats them to a charming, adorable performance. Our door is always open to her.” -Michael Campbell, owner Mick’s Music and Bar Benson, Nebraska

“Stephanie absolutely electrifies the airwaves with her incredible sound. Her sound is so appealing and her songs are true originals. You know the moment she begins to sing, people are reaching to turn up their radios.” -Gloria Goodwyn KSRZ Star 104.5FM Omaha, Nebraska

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