February 2011

And just like that January 2011 is done.

This past month was extremely busy but life-giving. To say this book project is OUR project is an understatement. Late nights and long weekends are the trend. We have written, edited, designed, organized, redesigned, re-edited and fund-raised. This time is an amazing learning experience – frustrating at different turns – with many great lessons.

The finished product will be submitted to the printer on February 23 with a LARGE celebration to follow, but only for a day because the fund-raising and tour schedule will really kick in. We are looking at doing a month-long promotional tour along the west coast talking about and selling our book.  Continue to pray for unity, creativity, rest and energy as we finish the publication. We want this project to be an expression of God’s heart for the friends we met in our travels as well as an encouragement to our readers to love their community, city and world.

In other news, I have a friend biking across the United States to raise money for a clinic and clean water system in Gaitu, Kenya. At the end of June, a group will go for three weeks to begin building and I will travel along to cover the process with photography and writing. I believe this is a real gift from God. I took my first overseas trip in 1999 to Kenya, where the Lord spoke to me about the next 10 years of my life. Now, 11 years later He is taking me back. Please pray my friend can raise the finances to complete this project. Also pray the Lord would speak to me about this new season in my life.

At this point, it is uncertain what I will do once I return from Kenya. I have a few different options [although all a big vague] but am not sure if any of these will be my next step. I am taking time to remember how I am wired, what my passions are and what I need for my talents to flourish. Please pray for this process and opportunities to live out the gifts and passions God placed within me.

Thank you for your continued support through prayer, finances and encouragement. I am continually reminded of your impact in my life. I feel deeply loved.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine upon you. May you know how deep and high and wide God’s love is for you. You are not alone. May you, too, remember the passions and talents He has given you. I pray you find opportunities to use your strengths and bless others along the way.

Love you.
Love me, the one crazy one living on a volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

His Kingdom come
His will be done
On earth
As it is in heaven.


  1. i know you have been working so hard and you seem to be thriving! i'm excited for kenya and i am excited for everything after that. please come live wherever steve and i are living...our babe needs it's auntie lindsay!

  2. you are lovely...pure loveliness!! I'm so praying for God's direction. 1 word of advice...give yourself permission to truly hear his voice no matter how long it may take. :) <3's to you dear one


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