You and Me - Dinner For Two

We continue to fund raise for our publication. It's a bit difficult in the midst of finishing the book but something that must be done. Without money, we cannot print the book.
 That simple.

Cambria made posters to hang up around campus to grab people's attention.

Our current idea is a valentine's dinner. We named it "You and Me - Dinner For Two." It is a dress to impress affair with an amazing three course meal, live music and a dance floor.

Tickets are being sold for $30 per couple and free child care is provided.

All proceeds go to helping the photogenX Track publish their book that is calling people to action and fight against the injustice issues around the globe and in our own backyards.
To Act Here. And Love Now.

I won't lie, I'm a little skeptical. We haven't sold one ticket yet.


  1. I laughed SO hard when I read that last line...hahha



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