Week One Done

Our first week of the publication process was a BIG success.

Savannah and I edited all written content, while Megan and Jaylene worked on the flow of stories and placement of action pages.

For the editors of the group, this week was productive yet relaxing.
I THRIVED this week!

When asked how she thought the process was going, Jaylene said,
"We keep stumbling upon the right things to do."

We accomplished EVERYTHING on the to do list for this week,
which seems amazing considering none of us have ever published a book.

 Next week will be hard.

We will be redesigning many pages and creating the design for our action pieces.

Please pray we have patience, inspiration and enough time to finish the tasks at hand.
Thank you for being a part of this process.

Enjoy your weekend, we know we will!


  1. "stumbling onto the right things" Is definitely a nail-head hitter. :-) That's pretty much how it works!

    Good luck next week!


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