One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

We have this place on the Kona YWAM base called the boutique. It's a room where people drop off clothes and household items, and others come and find what they need.

The boutique is like a mini Goodwill, but free!

Having been around for so long, the girls know the best days to search through the boutique are right after dts students leave for outreach and transition week. Everyone is wanting to make their suitcase light and hand their "trash" over to the masses.

Today, we had a make-shift boutique in our room.

Cambria and Naomi decided they want to lighten their load and their bags of clothes didn't make it out the door before the other six girls [including myself] tried everything on.

As crazy as it is, this is the way our world spins... and I kind of like it.