A Full Life

This is where you can find me at the end of every week.
Napping before dinner.
But happy.

While this photo may not portray my emotions, I feel more alive this month than I did in the last year.

WHY you might ask?
I believe I am using at least four of my five talent themes!

Activatior theme: "Seek work in which you can make your own decisions and act on them. In particular, look for start-up or turnaround situations... Look for areas that are bogged down by discussion or blocked by barriers. End the stalemate by creating a plan to get things moving and spur others into action."

Belief theme: "The meaning and purpose of your work will often provide direction for others. Remind people why their work is important and how it makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of others."

Futuristic theme: "Surround yourself with people who are eager to put your vision into motion. They will feel exhilarated by your Futuristic talents, and you can harness their energy to propel the vision towards reality."

WOO theme: "Choose a job in which you can interact with many people over the course of a day... In social situations, take responsibility for helping put reserved people at ease."


  1. wow. i need to figure out what i should be doing based on my talent themes.

  2. yes you should! i'm skyping with some friends/mentors that are strength finder coaches next month to help me figure out "my next steps." I'm excited!

  3. I just took strength finders...so great!! Really affirmed a lot. I didn't realize they had coaches. That would be amazing!!


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