Road Trip Around the Island + Volcano

As a Christmas gift, our friend Megan gave us $100 to spend together. So for Natalia's last day we took a road trip to the volcano, which ended up taking us completely around the island... LITERALLY.

It was a blast, minus the volcano, which was a disappointment in my option.

 Good tunes made the trip a lot of fun.
P.S. Notice the oldest got thrown in the back seat.
Where is the respect for your elders?!

 Savannah spotted a whale so we pulled over to look.
I saw it's tail, but poor Cam here saw nothing.

 Not as cool as the old ones.

 These two always take photos of each other. ALWAYS!

While the girls were chatting this is the conversation between me and a man in a white car:
Man in white car: Nice camera.
Me: Thanks!
Man in white car pulls around.
Man in white car: What I meant to say is that you are beautiful, but what came out was nice camera.
Short exchange of polite talk.
Man in white car: Lets go for a ride some time.
Lindsay: Sure!
[He wasn't my type, and phone numbers were NOT exchanged. But it still made my day.]

Naomi and I were a bit disappointed in the lack of lava [NONE] at the volcano. So while everyone else strained their eyes to try and find it, we played around with the $10 flashlight we rented.

Looks like lava right?

 Painting with the flashlight.